Some Idiom and Phrases are given below with four options. Select the options which best expresses the meaning of the given idioms.
Q.1 Be hard up
a) Find it very difficult to wake up early
b) Have very little money
c) Unable to calculate
d) Have difficulty in climbing stairs

a) Threat is worse than the action taken

Q.2 take into account
a) control
b) leave
c) consider
d) select

c) To behave recklessly

Q.3 To take after
a) To mock someone
b) To be similar in appearance
c) To chase someone
d) To change sides often

c) Uneasy

Q.4 Foul play
a) Unfair or dishonest behavior
b) A drama which is badly produced
c) Unpleasant weather for playing
d) A bad smelling theatre or playground

d) Good times and bad times

Q.5 On the wane
a) On the rise
b) On the way
c) On the top
d) On the decline

d) Challenge

Q.6 Lie low
a) Try not to be noticed
b) Fly a plane at a low altitude
c) Lie down and relax after a tiring day
d) Sit on low chair

a) Live within means

Q.7 Stone’s throw
a) Hurt slightly
b) Large hurdle
c) Short distance
d) Difficult problem

a) Extremely silly

Q.8 Dark horse
a) A mean person
b) A slow runner
c) An unexpected winner
d) An honest fellow

d) Briefly and concisely

Q.9 Apple of one’s eye
a) Covered up for
b) Punished severely
c) Very dear to someone
d) Enemy of someone

b) Work very hard

Q.10 To work like a dog
a) To work very slowly
b) Very moody
c) To work very hard
d) To work untimely

c) Avoiding the main topic

Q.11 Out at the elbows
a) Stubborn
b) Poor
c) To be blunt
d) Rigid

b) Make space

Q.12 Come off
a) Launch oneself
b) Be separated
c) Have deposited
d) Taking leave

d) Improve one’s behaviour

Q.13 On all hands
a) Rarely
b) Occasionally
c) Everywhere
d) Frequently

a) Cannot be described

Q.14 Hold on
a) Still breathing
b) Speak less
c) Frequently
d) To wait for a short time

b) Come to the original point

Q.15 Live hand to mouth
a) Very secretly
b) Outspoken
c) To have just enough money to live on and nothing extra
d) Irrelevant talk

b) Close contest that ends in a tie

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