Que-1) The resolution of a VGA screen is
(a) 1024 × 768
(b) 512 × 512
(c) 640 × 480
(d) 800 × 600

(c) 640 × 480

Que-2) The .WMA file extension stands for
(a) Windows media access
(b) Windows media audio
(c) Windows media authentication
(d) Windows memory access

(b) Windows media audio

Que-3) Airline reservation system is a typical example of
(a) Batch processing
(b) On-line processing
(c) Real time processing
(d) None of the above

(c) Real time processing

Que-4) Pie charts can be plotted on
(a) multiple data series only
(b) only two data series
(c) only one data series
(d) exactly eight data series

(c) only one data series

Que-5) References that change automatically when you copy them to a new cell are called
(a) Relative references
(b) Absolute references
(c) Mixed references
(d) None of the above

(a) Relative references

Que-6) The rules with regards to conduct for Internet users is known as
(a) Mosaic
(b) Netiquette
(c) Protocol
(d) Internet Protocol

(b) Netiquette

Que-7) The protocol that allows a computer to use the Internet Protocol with standard voice-grade telephone line and a high-speed modem is
(a) SLIP
(b) SMTP
(c) SGML
(d) RTF

(a) SLIP

Que-8) Cell base architecture is known as
(a) LAN
(b) ATM
(c) FDDI
(d) Client-Server

(b) ATM

Que-9) A web publishing tool developed by Microsoft is
(a) Navigator
(b) Hot Metal
(c) Pagemill
(d) Front Page

(d) Front Page

Que-10) On Internet, which version of the Internet Protocol is the most widely used
(a) Ipv1
(b) IPv6
(c) IPv2
(d) IPv4

(d) IPv4

Que-11) Raster images are also known as
(a) bitmap images
(b) vector images
(c) clip art images
(d) multimedia images

(a) bitmap images

Que-12) The term LPT is related to
(a) Serial Port
(b) Getronics Port
(c) USB port
(d) Parallel Port

(d) Parallel Port

Que-13) To be ‘Bootable’, a primary partition must be
(a) Opened
(b) Active
(c) Shut
(d) Closed

(b) Active

Que-14) A USB bus is capable of supporting how many devices at one time?
(a) 31
(b) 63
(c) 3
(d) 127

(d) 127

Que-15) What does MMC stand for
(a) Microsoft Management Console
(b) Microsoft Mini Console
(c) Microsoft Management Command
(d) Microsoft modem control

(a) Microsoft Management Console

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